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Dream Destination Honeymoon- 101

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After enduring below zero temperatures and enough snow to build your own 1,200 square feet igloo, your cash reserves could be running low and your Dream Destination Honeymoon may seem like it really is a dream.  Higher energy bills and the dreaded Indiana pothole winter slalom course can deplete an otherwise healthy bank balance.  If the brutal winter took a toll on your accounts, saving for a dream destination honeymoon may have been put on the backburner.  But before whipping out your credit card to buy a plane ticket to the Bahamas, take a moment to assess your current financial situation.  Dream Destination Honeymoon planning starts with budgeting.  If you haven’t already created a household budget, you can find the tools to make one at

Once you complete your budget, see how much of your income is left over.  If it’s not enough to save for your romantic getaway, take a close look at your flexible expenses.  It’s helpful to list them in order of importance.  Your lifestyle and values are unique.  Going to the movies once a week may be essential to you, but perhaps you can sacrifice the bag of popcorn you usually get.   If you find it hard to trim that steaming hot Carmel Flan Latte from your morning routine, just think about how much you would rather warm-up by lying on the beach.  Sacrifices are easier to make when you think about the rewards.  Post a picture of your dream destination honeymoon location on your bathroom mirror or even in your work cubicle, and you may be less tempted to spend your pocket change on those little extras that provide instant gratification.

Any trip as newlyweds, but especially a Dream Destination Honeymoon, should be considered a short-term financial goal.  Here are some steps to take when saving for your blissful getaway:


1)     Decide how much money you will need for your trip, including the costs of air travel or gas, hotels, and food.  Make sure you take non-travel costs into consideration as well.  Do you have pets that will require boarding?  Will you be paying someone to water your houseplants and mow the lawn?  These expenses should be built into your dream destination honeymoon budget.

2)     Open a dedicated savings account to reach your goal.  You can do this with your bank or even through websites like

3)     Set up automated transfers.  By making savings automatic, you’re more likely to succeed.   You can even ask your employer to deduct a certain amount of money from each paycheck and transfer it into your savings account.

4)     Put a change jar or piggy bank somewhere you and everyone else in the family can see it.  When you come home from work, “donate” your spare change to the dream destination honeymoon fund.

5)     Have a yard sale or sell things you no longer want online.  Not only will you make money for your trip, but you’ll also clear the clutter in your home!

6)     Think carefully before spending gift cash from your wedding.  It’s tempting to use that money to pay for your dream destination honeymoon, but saving it for emergencies can protect you in the future.  If you really want your family and friends to help with dream destination honeymoon expenses, consider an online registry.  Just be sure to read the fine print and look at the fees involved.


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By following these simple steps and making some short-term sacrifices, you and your spouse will be relaxing at your dream destination honeymoon location before you know it!  Now that you know how to save up for it- take a little time and have some fun with your spouse checking out where you want to go on YOUR Dream Destination Honeymoon that gets you just the right mix of Romance and Adventure! Circle City Bride‘s Dream Destination Honeymoon Pick is one that you might not have even thought of yet- Vista Verde Ranch!  We think it is DREAMY any time of the year!

For more savings tips, check out our other Money Skills for Newlyweds articles in Circle City Bride Magazine, or head to our website and start saving for your Dream Destination Honeymoon today!



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